Events and Meetings

The Boston Web Accessibility community participates in industry events and meetings hosted by Boston area organizations to hear speakers, share information of mutual interest, and network with other people about Web accessibility.

Monthly Boston Accessibility Roundtable Meetings: The Boston Accessibility Group hosts Boston A11y Roundtable meetings, generally on a monthly basis.

Annual Boston Accessibility Conference: Join the Web Accessibility community for the Boston Accessibility Conference, an annual Web Accessibility networking event presented by the Boston Accessibility Group.

Note: Boston Accessibility Group events take place at the IBM Innovation Center, 1 Rogers Street, Room 2211, Cambridge, MA 02142

This networking group is open to anyone in the Greater Boston area interested in the accessibility of electronic information.

For information about joining future Boston A11y Roundtable meetings:

Past Boston-IA Meetings

Boston-IA maintains a wealth of information about past events on our web site. If you want to learn more about accessibility topics, be sure to review our previous event descriptions:

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