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Barrier-Free Web Surfing

Boston-IA Meeting, June 7, 2007

This page lists web sites that demonstrate various accessibility issues, as demonstrated at the Boston-IA meeting of June 7, 2007. All links display new sites and open new windows. This page uses access keys.

Sites to Test for Accessibility

  1. Image-Based, Poor Forms:
    The Christie Cookie.

    Task 1: Choose a tin of cookies to buy.
    Task 2: Go to the Registration page to sign up for a user account.

  2. No Alt Text on Main Menu Images:
    [ Accessibility Help.]

    Task 1: Find the accessibility statement.
    Task 2: Find the page to register for a user account.

  3. All JavaScript:
    American Express Membership Rewards Catalog
    (visited page no longer available).

    Task: Read the catalog page.

  4. No Flash Equivalent:
    Pandora Radio.

    Task: Find music you like.

  5. Good Example:
    Bank of America.

    Task: Search for a bank office or ATM.

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Access Keys on This Page

This page includes the following access keys:

On Windows, press Alt plus the access key (and the Enter key in most cases).
On Macintosh, press Control plus the access key.

For more information about using access keys, visit the Boston-IA Accessibility Features page.

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